Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care:
1. Jewelry should not be worn in the shower or immersed in water.
2. Jewelry should not be worn while sleeping or exercising.
3. Jewelry may be spot cleaned with a cleaner appropriate to the metal of the piece, such as a brass cleaner for brass or a silver cleaner for silver plated pieces. Jewelry should not be immersed in a jewelry cleaner. Storing jewelry in airtight sealable bags also will help to prevent tarnish.
4. Hairspray, lotions, sunscreens and perfumes will cause color changes to the finish on your jewelry. Please avoid contact with these cosmetics by applying before you wear your pieces and use minimal amounts of these where the body comes in contact with the piece.
5. It is important to familiarize yourself with the proper technique for opening and closing lockets. When opening and closing a locket, please be sure to align the clasp’s hook with the hole. If they are not aligned it will cause the metal hook to bend and your locket will no longer close. In addition if one puts too much pressure on either side of the locket, this can break the hinge. These actions are considered accidental breakage by a customer for purposes of returns/exchanges and not returnable. ***Please take special care and time to teach little ones how to care for their jewelry.

With proper attention and gentle care your jewelry will remain a treasure for years to come...