1. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO SHIP? All my items I make prior to listing to help expedite the shipping process. I ship three times a week, so generally items are shipped within 3 business (M-F) days of purchase, with the caveat that life happens (migraines happen, sick kids happen, my husband works late happens) so it may take up to 4 days to ship an item. PLEASE keep in mind, I am a one person shop, hand making each item, and shipping each item as well as the many other responsibilities in running a small business. I am unable to accept rush shipment requests. For domestic orders, orders ship first class mail, which is an additional 2 to 5 day for delivery. International orders generally arrive within 14 business days. 
2. WHERE IS MY PACKAGE? Each package will have a USPS tracking number associated with the shipment. Customers may go to their purchases section and a tracking number will be shown next to their order. If the item shows as delivered and the customer has still not received the item, unfortunately that would be most likely mail theft at the customer's residence. Purchasing delivery insurance, does not cover mail theft, as once an item is delivered to a customer, it is then the customer's responsibility. In addition, I cannot be financially responsible for mail theft on the customer's property. The good news is the majority of "lost" packages are found by asking other household residents!

3. DO YOU GIFT WRAP? Each item is packaged in a jewelry box, tied with a bow and gift tag. Customers may purchase "Gift Wrap" at check out. This is for personalized, handwritten (by me) cards. If a personalized message is not included with the order and gift wrap is purchased, a generic message will be included. Gift wrap option is non refundable.
4. CAN I HAVE A PIECE ENGRAVED? I do not have the tools to engrave an item. I have had customers take pieces to a local engraver once they receive the item. Many of the pieces you may see in my shop have been hand stamped, which is a different process than engraving. Hand stamping is hammering a metal stamp into a metal piece. Lockets will not withstand this process.

5. CAN I PLACE A PICTURE IN THE LOCKET? Yes, I have had many customers insert their own pictures. It is not a service that I provide. My aim is to have a customer purchase a piece that they love, and I found that it is best if a customer does that part, as once a customer sees the locket, than they can best determine picture, focal point of picture, quality of picture, etc. I recommend using photo stock paper for best results and I am happy to provide a template to customer to assist customers in cutting out pictures.

6. CAN I PURCHASE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING? No, that is not an option I have available at this time. Overnight shipping cost starts at $40 and goes up from there. I found that USPS successfully delivered overnight about 50% of the time, which led to disappointed customers. Overnight shipping is guaranteed by USPS, and the process to be reimbursed by USPS and Etsy for failed delivery, in order to reimburse the customer, was time consuming and being a one person ran shop, I do not have the administrative resources to put towards that.

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